PebbleBash 2012: Making the Case

Themes & Topics

Organisations are coming under ever increasing pressure to improve performance, cut costs and keep student satisfaction and staff retention high.
The global financial crisis isn’t making this easy. Cost reduction is having a massive impact on the education sector and organisations are looking very closely at almost every aspect of their business, including teaching and learning.

At these times of scrutiny it is easy to maintain the status quo and stick to traditional ways of working. In justifying the continued use of traditional approaches some people are cynical about the benefits of new technology, citing cost, workload, technical issues and "technology doesn’t deliver better results" as reasons not to try new methods. We tend to agree with Oscar Wilde when he wrote, "What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

We know that PebblePad is adding real benefits to the learning and teaching experiences right across our community and so this conference is all about evidencing the real Value PebblePad brings to learners, to teachers and to organisations.

Case study submissions highlighting the value of PebblePad in one or more of the following themes are invited:


Teaching/Professional Practice:


For the benefit of the community it is important that your conference submission moves beyond the persuasive argument to an evidence based analysis of the impact of PebblePad upon your chosen theme(s).

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