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PebbleBash '18 Presentations.

Pre-conference Workshops - Monday 10th December 2018



Lisa Gray (JISC)
'Surviving or thriving: digital skills for future ready learners'


John Kertesz (UTAS)
'Curriculum mapping and eportfolios'


PebbleBash Online Technical Workshop
Delivered from La Trobe University


PebbleBash Day 1 - Tuesday 11th December 2018



Keynote: Professor Gregor Kennedy, The University of Melbourne
'Growing pains: Enhancing teaching and learning while avoiding the sting of scale'


Case Study: Doug Colbeck & Claire Tubman (UTAS)
'Blue sky innovation with pragmatic incrustation'


Case Study: Anita Hamilton, Angela Hanson, Priscilla Trahar, Shelley Hume & Nora English (USC)
'Scaling up: A whole program approach to eportfolios as process and product.'


Case Study: Martin Hopkins & Caroline Nilson (Murdoch)
'Pilot to program - The full integration of PebblePad eportfolio learning into a Bachelor of Nursing course.'


Case Study: Andrew Kirke (Sheffield Hallam)
'Using PebblePad to assess Programme level outcomes in Paramedic Science.'


Case Study: Nicola Sparkes (Derby)
'Expansion, experience, excellence - Meeting the academics' demand for the use of PebblePad.'


Case Study: Sonja Taylor & Candyce Reynolds (Portland)
'Integrative learning portfolios across the curriculum and across Levels: Best practices in undergraduate and graduate programs'


Ignite: Lenka Boorer, Priscilla Trahar & Heather Andrews (Griffith)
'Experiencing and expanding: Creating a space for students to collate, curate and grow.'


Ignite: Terri Downer (USC), Michelle Gray (USC) & Tanya Capper (CQU)
'Over scaling: A comparison of the use of paper based and e-portfolios at two regional universities.'


Ignite: Melissa Finnen, Jennifer Kemp-Smith & Robert Lewis (UTAS)
'PebblePad: Engaging students at the University College.'


Ignite: Robert Loudon, Chris Campbell & Megan Duffy (Griffith)
'How our academics learnt PebblePad – What we heard on the grapevine.'


Ignite: Natalie Medlicott, Jennifer Bruce, Carla Dillon & Megan Anakin (Otago)
'Early learning of reflective practice in a re-designed pharmacy professional programme.'


Ignite: Laurie Murphy, Alf Kuilboer & Karina Lynch (JCU)
'Enhancing graduate employability through the diverse and coordinated use of PebblePad.'


Ignite: Jennifer Rowley (Sydney) & Jennifer Munday (CSU)
'Transitioning to new and changing contours of professional practice through portfolio creation.'


Ignite: Terry Young (La Trobe)
'Scaling up in Health Sciences – 19 disciplines, 19 examples'


Ignite: Terry Young and Kym Barbary (La Trobe)
'Self-supporting frameworks and agile PebblePad development.'


Workshop: Gayle Brent, David Green & Christopher Allan (Griffith)
'Personality PLUS: Integrating employability (bolted in not bolted on).'


Workshop: Robert Loudon, Chris Campbell & Megan Duffy (Griffith)
'Managing buy-in, training and support at an enterprise-level: The practicalities.'


Workshop: Sonja Taylor & Kari Goin (Portland)
'Visual research to build academic identity'


Featured Speaker: Geoff Rebbeck (Canterbury Christ Church University)
'A new Canterbury Tale about crossing learning frontiers'


PebbleBash Day 2 - Wednesday 12th December 2018



Keynote: Dr Kathryn Coleman, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
'Mapping the researcher journey: curating for becoming in digital portfolios'


Case Study: Rachel Bacon & Sheila Cunningham (Nottingham)
'The development and implementation of an electronic practice assessment document in pre-registration nurse education.'


Case Study: Kym Barbary (La Trobe)
'Upscaling a systematical storage method for the collection of evidence against professional standards from a small rural campus to an institution wide implementation.'


Case Study: Chris Bruce, Mark Derbyshire & Terry Young (La Trobe)
'Camera, lights, action! The Film Festival Occupational Therapy Video Assessment Task.'


Case Study: Sarah Burkhart (USC)
'Engaging Nutrition and Dietetics students with food science - Using PebblePad to deliver a flipped classroom.'


Case Study: Marlene Daicopoulos, Helen Dugmore & Caroline Nilson (Murdoch)
'Going paperless in student nurse clinical work integrated learning.'


Case Study: John Kertesz (UTAS)
'Portfolio integration to support graduate certification and program accreditation in a professional studies degree.'


Case Study: Ron Knevel, Terry Young & Priscilla Trahar (La Trobe)
'More than an eportfolio: Horizontal and vertical implementation of PebblePad in the curriculum. Experiences in oral health and dentistry.'


Case Study: Priscilla Trahar & Heidi Blair (Griffith)
'Griffith Graduates of Influence – Developing an institution-wide employability portfolio.'


Case Study: Terry Young (La Trobe)
'The Career Ready portfolio: From rhetoric to reality.'


Ignite: Ruth Druva, Wendy McLeod & John McInerney (Monash)
'ePortfolio learning and assessment in anatomy and pathology.'


Ignite: Donna Hay & Denise McBride (Durham)
'The developmental journey of using PebblePad to underpin an institutional employability award at Durham University.'


Ignite: Lana Mitchell (Griffith)
'Evidencing Professional Development for students: Preparing for career success.'


Ignite: Sonja Taylor & Kari Goin (Portland)
'Connecting social spaces and research to construct digital academic identity.'


Ignite: Patrick Viney (Northumbria)
'A proactive model to support the implementation of large scale PebblePad assessments using limited resource.'


Ignite: Alison White & Christopher Allan (Griffith)
'Implementing PebblePad at a program level in a postgraduate biomedical health program to build a professional identity and support transition to professional practice.'


Featured Speaker: Professor Heidi Blair, Griffith University
'Grassroots and Fertiliser: A planned organic approach to the university-wide e-implementation of PebblePad'

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