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We have published a collection of case studies presented at our PebbleBash'18 conference in a handy book - full of ideas and inspiration.

Edited by Alison Poot
ISBN 978-0-9565641-5-3
Published by Pebble Learning © 2018

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Case Studies



The development and implementation of an electronic practice assessment document in pre-registration nurse education
Rachel Bacon & Sheila Cunningham, Division of Nursing, University of Nottingham, UK

Upscaling a systematic storage method for the collection of evidence against professional standards from a small rural campus to an institutional wide implementation
Kymberley Barbary, The School of Education, La Trobe University, UK

Camera, Lights, Action! The Film Festival Occupational Therapy Video Assessment Task
Dr Chris Bruce1, Mark Derbyshire2, & Terry Young2, Discipline of Occupational Therapy1, La Trobe Learning and Teaching2, La Trobe University, AU

Engaging Nutrition and Dietetic students with food science – Using PebblePad to deliver a flipped course
Dr Sarah Burkhart, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of the Sunshine Coast, AU

Blue sky innovation with pragmatic incrustation
Dr Douglas Colbeck & Claire Tubman, University of Tasmania, AU

Going paperless in student nurse clinical work integrated learning
Marlène Daicopoulos, Helen Dugmore, & Dr Caroline Nilson, Discipline of Nursing, Murdoch University, AU

Scaling up: A whole program approach to eportfolio as process and product
Dr Anita Hamilton1, Priscilla Trahar2, Angela Hansen2, Shelley Hume1, and Nora English1, Discipline of Occupational Therapy1, Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching2, University of the Sunshine Coast, AU

Pilot to Program: The full integration of PebblePad eportfolio learning into a Bachelor of Nursing course
Dr Caroline Nilson & Dr Martin Hopkins, Discipline of Nursing, Murdoch University, AU

Don't bolt on; build in! - Scaling up your portfolio perspective to respond strategically to pressures to evidence graduate competency
Dr John Kertesz, School of Education, University of Tasmania, AU

Integrating digital curriculum mapping and eportfolios to better respond to stricter initial teacher education accreditation requirements
Dr John Kertesz, School of Education, University of Tasmania, AU

Using PebblePad to assess programme level outcomes in Paramedic Science
Andrew W Kirke, Paramedic Programme, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

More than an eportfolio: Horizontal and vertical implementation of PebblePad in the curriculum
Dr Ron Knevel & Dr Sarah Down, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health, La Trobe University, AU

On the Pebble Road: The first 80 days. An auto-ethnographic account
Dr Jennifer Masters, School of Education, University of Tasmania, AU

Expansion, experience and excellence: Meeting the demand from academics wanting to use PebblePad. Stage 2 of University of Derby’s Implementation of PebblePad
Nicola Sparkes, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of Derby, UK

Integrative learning portfolios across the curriculum and across levels: Best practices in undergraduate and graduate programs
Sonja Taylor1 & Dr Candyce Reynolds2, University Studies1, Educational Leadership and Policy2, Portland State University, US

Griffith Graduates of Influence – Developing an institutionwide employability portfolio
Priscilla Trahar & Professor Heidi Blair, Learning Futures, Griffith University, AU

The Career Ready portfolio: From rhetoric to reality
Terry Young, La Trobe Learning & Teaching, La Trobe University, AU