PebbleBash 2014

PebblePad: Personalising the Curriculum
Improving learning and development through thoughtful learning design

14 - 16 April 2014 - Grange Cleveland Winery, Lancefield, Victoria, Australia

Thank-you to all presenters and delegates who contributed to a fabulous inaugural Australian PebbleBash!

With the vineyards and Victorian countryside as the backdrop, the Grange Cleveland Winery provided the ideal venue for the conference. Delegates were unanimous in their praise for the quality of the accommodation, food, wine, service, and conference facilities. To top it off, entertainment at the conference dinner was provided by the BecJM Jazz Band, featuring 'our own' Bec Watt from RDNS SA ... and they were sensational!!

Even more important was the quality of the workshops, presentations and conversations across the three days. It was inspiring to see the innovative and thoughtful curriculum design occurring with PebblePad in institutions across Australia, complemented by some excellent presentations by our guests from the UK. Our keynotes, David Boud from UTS and Geoff Crisp from RMIT, stimulated lots of discussion around feedback and online assessment.

It is always delightful for us to see just how vibrant, inclusive, and creative the PebblePad Community is. We as a team thoroughly enjoyed the conference and want to thank all delegates for participating with such enthusiasm and commitment. We have tried to capture some of the spirit of the conference via this slide show.

All conference publications and presentations are now available online.

The Pebble Learning Team

PebblePad: Personalising the Curriculum
Improving learning and development through thoughtful learning design

14 - 16 April 2014 - Grange Cleveland Winery, Lancefield, Victoria, Australia

We are delighted to announce that the third International PebblePad conference will be held in Victoria, Australia, from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th April, 2014. Set amongst the wineries of Lancefield, a small town north of Melbourne, PebbleBash 2014 continues the tradition of the intimate residential conference. PebbleBash aims to maximise opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration in a friendly, focussed and professional environment.

PebblePad3, the Personal Learning and Assessment System, clearly separates out Pebble+, the Personal Learning Space (PLS), and ATLAS, the Active Teaching Learning and Assessment Space. What marries the two in supported learning contexts is the Curriculum. Thoughtful curriculum personalises learning and development, giving value and meaning to the learning objects created by the learner. Well-designed learning activities are also much more likely to promote self-directed use of PebblePad.

Authentic assessment and accreditation further enriches the learning experience through feedback from peers, assessors and mentors, without compromising the learner’s sense of ownership and control.

This conference will provide a forum for sharing examples of thoughtful curriculum, discussing the use of the PLS in formal teaching, assessment and accreditation processes, and inspiring delegates to personalise their own curriculum.

The PebblePad Team


Grange Cleveland Winery

Grange Cleveland Winery
55 Shannon’s Road
Victoria 3435
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Comments from PebbleBash 2012

  • Fantastic event well organised with a good mix of case studies and real life experiences
  • Totally enjoyed the conference. Great sense of community going on. Well organised, great attention to detail, well done!
  • An excellent event to make sense of where I am at and where I would like to be
  • The most thoughtfully constructed conference I have attended in a long while
  • It was great to attend a conference where every session was beneficial and relevant to me
  • A really excellent event well balanced combinations of topics, activities and networking
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